Construction cam

Construction site camera using CANON EOS DSLR photo camera webcam!
An outdoor construction site camera for documentation is all about the picture. Photo cameras take better pictures than surveillance cameras that are built for a different task. It is easy to use the right construction site webcam, check the time-lapse movies of the different suppliers! You will see in 10 seconds what is good and what is not!

The quality difference with IP webcams is very big, with small extra cost. We can offer you the best result at unrivaled prices. There is nothing comparable at the moment, trust us.

Data protection requires no video surveillance from the workplace, no zoom video cameras, no livestream, no sound, no storage, this can only be complied with photo cameras. Webcams / security cameras can not implement this, any person who has a login can watch live at work, anytime. You have no control over this access and settings, but you are liable as the operator of the video cameras.

With the photo cameras we are not in the legal area of video surveillance, photography has been around for 125 years and the area is neatly regulated by law. We are thus outside, no problems with unions / data protection and private individuals.

We work with Canon EOS cameras via remote control VPN, SSL. So we are always able to adjust the camera optimally.
Connection via mobile technology 3/4 G without Simlock, Wlan or Netzwekkabel with PoE. Lenses from 10 – 300mm standard 18-55mm.

A construction site camera documents pictures every 5 -30 min. a picture 12 -18Mpx, transmits these via mobile data ABO, Wlan or network cable to our server. Our archive website is designed to meet the needs of planners, architects and investors. It is always possible to copy, enlarge or send a single image via email.

Construction site camera services and options

  • Option: EOS DSRL Baustellenkamera Miete inkl. Telekom Daten ABO, plus Installationen
  • Option: EOS DSRL Baustellenkamera Kauf, plus Installation, plus laufende Kosten Telekom ABO
  • Übertragung über 4 G Mobile ABO, mind. 20 GB Daten pro Monat
  • alle Rohbilder 18 oder 12 MB werden nach Bauende ausgeliefert auf DVD, USB Stick oder HD
  • Diverse Objektive für beste Ergebnisse. 10-22, 18-55. oder 30 -300mm Optional
  • Bildspeicherung pro Monat mind 10 GB über Jahre Gratis
  • Original Bildgrössen: 18 MB, möglich 12 MB 6 MB 4MB
  • Bildgrösse eins für Projektwebseite und Archiv: Original Grösse 12 oder 18MB
  • Bildgrösse zwei Full HD
  • Bildgrösse drei HD
  • Bildgrösse vier MD
  • Bildgrösse fünf: SD
  • Archiv Bildspeicherung auf
  • Login auf jede Projektwebseite möglich
  • Unbegrenzter Speicher der Rohbilder 100 GB +
  • Baumängel werden dank den Grossen Bildern geklärt.
  • Stromverbrauch ca. 25 EUR pro Jahr
  • Stromanschluss 230V mit 10m Kabel und Stecker
  • Optional: Montagemasten für Baustellen Webcam 8m hoch
  • Optional: Luftaufnahme mit Drohne Film oder Foto bis 24 MPixel
  • Optional:Filmnachbearbeitung für HDTV, Webseiten oder Austellungen
  • Optional: Filmaufnahmen mit Filmteam vor Ort

Construction site camera none image, to photo webcam image:

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